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Venettes Pledge
I pledge as a member of the Venettes Cultural Workshop to devote 110% of my efforts to being a productive citizen. I pledge to be respectful, I pledge to be responsible, I pledge to be courteous in all that I do. With God's guidance I will be a success in life.
I will always remember that we are a family and I will always strive for academic excellence. I will continue to uphold the ideals that were set forth by the founder of the Venettes Cultural Workshop ...
Mary A. Baird.

Venettes Goals
To foster an intelligent appreciation of the dance, including African Dance, ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance as an art form through performances, lectures, and demonstrations. To provide training and performance experience for amateur dancers and to provide a means for them to display their abilities.
To foster cultural awareness by providing students with black history facts and engaging the students in dialogue about African Americans who have had a significant impact on their lives. Cultural awareness is also promoted through trips to Broadway shows, museums, etc.
To establish a scholarship fund for Workshop participants to be used towards post-secondary education and for dance scholarships for summer study at various dance centers in Manhattan and other dance academies, and, in that regard, to solicit funds and to hold meetings for the better realization of the organization's purposes.
To provide a safe, culturally aware and sensitive environment for our students. To highlight their talents and strengths and to help them overcome their weaknesses.

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We must embody the African Ideology: It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, and Venettes has been helping do so for decades.