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Friday Babies
Paige Andrews, Adaiba Chukwuma, Skye Smith, Kaliyah Keitt, Leah McFarlane, Savanah Thomas, Tyleek Ross
Venette Juniors
Falan Boyd,Nina Alexander, Leah McFarlane, Aniya Britton, Skye Smith, Paige Andrews
Friday Little Venettes
Paige Andrews, Aniya Britton, Adaiba Chukwuma
Saturday Babies
Paige Andrews, Adaiba Chukwuma, Savanah Thomas, Tyleek Ross
Saturday Little Venettes
Falan Boyd, Jelisse Nimmons, Nina Alexander
Advanced Little Venettes
Jelisse Nimmons, Nichalena Ferraro

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We must embody the African Ideology: It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, and Venettes has been helping do so for decades.