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Email:   newbirth@optonline.com
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Signed Book on:  5/17/2005 at 4:07:15 PM
What's going on Venettes. Even though i saw some of you on Saturday i miss you already. i just wanted to say that EVERYONE did a absolute fantastic job at the recital. Even though i wasn't able to see everyone, i just know that you did good because this is the VENETTES and we do the best in everything holla. i also want to thank ALL of my teachers i love you all and thank you for my award Mrs.Karyn and Mrs.Vanessa.
Christy everyone loved the Amerie dance cause of course it was HOOOTTT!!!! Keep up with the HOT dances okay and can't wait until you teach me AGAIN. Good luck everyone on the performing group try-outs. Have fun and remember that God is watching you!!!!
Shout out to all my friends that supported me and helped me by keeping my confidence up...Summer, Charlene,Annika,Kiira, Shantel H, Cassey, tasha, Shantel M, Jamal, Pascal, Storm, Garry, Ebony, Taniya, Chelsea, Jai, Alayna, and David.

Email:   newbirth@optonline.net
Town & State:   
Signed Book on:  5/17/2005 at 4:05:07 PM
I also wanna say a special hi to Darlene and Koreema because you guys did so good and improved ALOT keep up the good work luv you. Hope to see you BOTH at performing group try-oyts. luv you all HOLLA!!!!!

Name:  Brianna
Email:   stinkygirl9@hotmail.com
Town & State:   
Signed Book on:  5/17/2005 at 4:03:11 PM
Hey yall this is brianna and I just wanna say thank you to Ms.Vanessa for teaching me the abilty to dance. I also wanna thank Ms. Gerri for making me a polite little girl. Thank VCW

Name:  Joy Brewster
Email:   notavailable@netzero.com
Town & State:   
Signed Book on:  5/17/2005 at 4:02:07 PM
Hey! Congratulations to all the Venettes Divas and Dons! Keep shining and striving to be the best. To Vanessa and all other organizers/adults in charge of running things and "holding down the fort" you go! You are doing a tremendous job. The website is looking good. Your work is appreciated and I am proof that the teachings of the Venettes legacy lasts a lifetime. One Luv!


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